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Artefact Creative is a bespoke creative arts consultancy established by Paul Parin in Perth, Western Australia.

Artefact Creative was created to bridge the often confusing gap between commerce and the arts. We specialise in Public Art and Percent for Art solutions particularly when clients are required to address public art policy as part of their project approval process.

Ideally we would like to discuss your next project during early stage planning to maximise the artistic opportunities possible. This way we can find an integrated approach and not merely a “plonk art” afterthought. Well considered and well implemented public art can provide lasting community placemaking, goodwill and long term project benefits that work to the advantage of all. 

Of course if you need an immediate solution we are here for that to.

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Stormie Mills

Summit Homes commissioned Stormie Mills to produce this stunning bronze stand alone artwork that stands proudly at the front of there new headquarters

Skunk Control

ISPT commissioned Victorian Uni based artist collective to design and fabricate five large mechatronic flowers for their ENEX Shopping Centre.

Ian Mutch

Vasse Development Partners commissioned Ian Mutch to produce two printed glass roof panels for the new Vasse townsite arcade canopy

Duncan Moon

City of Bayswater commissioned Duncan Moon to reimagine a 1960’s toilet block at Claughton Reserve…and reimagine he did!

Mel McVee

Vasse Development Partners commissioned Mel McVee to paint this stunning large mural celebrating the flora and fauna in Western Australia’s south west.

Drew Straker

Vasse Development Partners commissioned this signature Drew Straker neon artwork sharing the fun times in the new Vasse Village town centre.


Client Testimonials

“Bridging between the artistic world and the commercial/developer world”

“Very happy to endorse the work of Paul Parin. Our experience at Vasse Village over a number of years has been a good one. We have pushed the envelope on a few fronts and Paul has been excellent is bridging between the artistic world and the commercial/developer world as to timelines/budgets/WHS whilst still achieving  creative outputs. In the case of Vasse that has involved stakeholder liaison with us as the development manager ,as well as the City of Busselton and the artists. We think the artistic elements of the Vasse Village are an important part of our overall placemaking and we are very satisfied with the end results. Paul has been a big part of that success.”

Lyle Kenny  

Property Development Manager     Perron Group




“We would use Artefact again for other commercial projects and look forward to working together again”

“Nile Enterprises Pty Ltd had the opportunity to work with Artefact on a commercial project in Byford. Paul was able to find a suitable artist and arrange for the artwork to be undertaken within a short time frame and assisted with project management. Paul was able to work with local government expectations and requests from the client in a very efficient and constructive manner. We would use Artefact again for other commercial projects and look forward to working together again”


Malek Vahdat

Property Acquisitions Manager

Carmel Group



“Paul has delivered these projects within budget”

“Paul has provided very professional guidance for the artwork in the Vasse Village from the preparation of the Art Strategy, identifying individual art spaces to involve a diversity of art pieces from a variety of artists, scoping the works for artist submissions, working with the panel selection of each artist, formulate contracts for the artists and then manage the procurement process. Paul has delivered these projects within budget and each art piece in the Vasse Village is a testament to the artist and also to this diligent management.”

Alex Meares


On-Q Projects

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Artist Call Outs

Currently seeking artists for the following commissions

Artists Call Out for Expressions of Interest (Belmont Forum)

Western Australian Artists are invited to submit their Expressions of Interest for a series of four (or possibly five) Temporary and Ephemeral Artwork Commissions for the Belmont Forum Shopping Centre to be scheduled over the next 12-15 months. Each Commission has a...

Artist Call Out (Vasse Arcade Glass Canopy)

Artefact Creative is pleased to advertise the following public artwork project Project:    Vasse Town Centre Arcade Canopy Glass Inserts Commissioner: Vasse Development Partners, City of Busselton Budget:  Up to $20,000.00 Conceptual EOI Closing Date:  5.00pm 5/6/201...

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