About Artefact Creative

Artefact Creative Public Art Solutions and Management

Artefact Creative is a bespoke consultancy set up by Paul Parin to offer specialised Public Art and Percent for Art project management.

Often particularly with Percent for Art projects the public art DA conditions set by local governent are often underestimated and not given enough attention until the process is too far down the track and can cause great complication and duress. By engaging and getting Artefact Creative involved earlier in the design process not only will you end up with a much better public art result that integrates successfully but it really provides the opportunity to add a great tangible quaility, personality and provide a real point of difference for you project.

Paul has had many years of project management experience working for Artsource as a Senior Art Consultant and prior to that running his own photography gallery and production studio (Studio Red Dust) for 15 years. Paul has managed large scale civil city projects through to small bespoke private installations. He provides that important conduit between business, commerce and the creative industries and artists and understands building and all its intricacies.

With Artefact Creative, Paul can offer unique and creative public art solutions by utilising an established best practise model to ensure a smooth and engaging process that culminates in the best possible Public Art installation for your commercial, civic or private commission.

With a highly experienced network of capable artists to call upon Artefact Creative can ensure that your project gets the understanding and attention to detail it deserves.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any queries you may have.